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Lindsay Lohan has never been shy about revealing everything for the public.

Lindsay posed for Playboy in 2011 and when the pictorial didn’t skyrocket her back to the A-list as she’d planned, the troubled actress revealed herself in a different way.

Unfortunately, Lindsay’s OWN reality show turned out to be an embarrassing ratings disaster that also did little to boost her career.

Since being paid for showing us more of herself than we ever wanted to see hasn’t worked out LiLo has apparently decided to do it for free:

Yes, that’s a topless selfie Lindsay took while hanging out in a bathroom with some dude. Even more baffling than the pic itself is Lindsay’s decision to share it with the world by posting it on Instagram.

Like many desperate D-listers hoping to schmooze with the right industry folks, Lindsay is in Cannes this week for the city’s famous film festival. Unfortunately, it seems Lindsay’s strategy for making business contacts involves hosting naked get-togethers in hotel bathrooms.


We can’t be sure since the footage is so blurry, but that might be the British bloke who declared Linds his “favorite cowgirl” in the hilarious Lohan drunk dance video she posted last week. 

If it is, that means in the past few days, this guy called her a cowgirl and then joined her for a naked selfie session. If they’re not banging, then Lindsay has a very unusual definition of friendship. 

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