Dean McDermott: Mary Jo Eustace Didn't Put Out Enough Either!

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It appears Dean McDermott is using the same excuses for cheating on Tori Spelling that he used on Mary Jo Eustace ... after cheating on her with Tori Spelling.

Embroiled in a sex scandal and trying to save his marriage to Spelling through counseling, as depicted on Lifetime's True Tori, Dean sort of blames her for it.

Seriously. If she had just let him have sex before he left for his business trip last December, he would never have gone slumming with Emily Goodhand.

The man has some nerve, and apparently it's not even the first time he's tried that defense. In filing for divorce in 2005, after meeting Tori, he cited this.

“Approximately a year after our marriage, [Mary Jo Eustace] started to become distant and not interested in our relationship," his divorce filing reads.

"Displays of affection and love had dissipated ... I took it upon myself to try harder and open discussions regarding our relationship and intimacy issues.”

“The Respondent would say she would try harder to work on intimacy issues,” he said. “The results would last for maybe a week, and things would return to what they were."

"This pattern continued for 11 years.”

During a recent episode of True Tori, the actor said his sex life with the mother of four, “wasn’t fantastic all the time," while Tori cried that she can never do enough.

"It was never enough for you and there was nothing I could do about it,” she told Dean. “I wore that guilt all the time, thinking, ‘He’s going to cheat on me.'"

"I could never give him enough sex.”

Sounds like no one can.

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