True Tori Recap: Dean McDermott Wants to END This Marriage (or Be the Best Husband)!

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Dean McDermott said he wanted out of his marriage on last night's True Tori, only to turn around and say he will strive to be the best husband in the history of ever.

Tori Spelling is extremely sympathetic for her man, or at least worried that Dean McDermott will off himself after his recent admission of suicidal thoughts.

“What I didn’t anticipate happening was how Dean would react and how his story would unfold ... I don’t know if our marriage can handle this," Tori laments.

What we didn't anticipate was Dean blaming Tori for not putting out before his business trip and making this all about him, and that it would somehow work.

In addition to fighting over a possible relocation for his job with Chopped Canada, Tori and Dean get into another major feud over parenting responsibilities.

“Keep your voice down!” Tori screamed at her man “The babies are sleeping! Keep your voice down! Talk to me like a human. Stop shouting at me!”

Some top notch acting from the pair in this gripping episode, no doubt.

Tori criticizes Dean for “barking” at her and she points her finger like it’s her job. “What the f--k do you want from me?” Dean asks, before he storms out.

“I don’t think I want to be in this marriage anymore,” Dean reveals.

Tori fears if he moves to Canada part time for the TV show he will just revert to his old ways of lying, drug and alcohol use and banging Emily Goodhand.

Or someone like her. Who knows if she's even a real person.

The combative couple starts to turn it around somewhat after tensions die down. They go to Reiki therapy together, which is a method of spiritual healing.

Dean also cooks a homemade sushi dinner to surprise Tori while the kids are in bed, and shows that he cares about being a good father to them as well.

“I just thought I’d do a little dinner, a little gesture, just to make her feel special,” says Dean. “I plan on giving her what she needs and what she deserves.”

Dean then gives Tori his big gift: the map of all of the places they’ve been together in the world. “Thank you for this. I think it’s really sweet,” Tori says.

“I really want to change,” Dean says, with atypical sincerity. “I just want to grow up … I don’t want to be a checked-out dad, a checked-out husband.”

Dean says that he loves Tori so much, and that he owes her a lifetime worth of apologies. “You humiliated me…in front of the world,” Tori cries to Dean.

He promises that will be the best husband for her, and then some.

Tori cries that her heart just can’t take it anymore, and Dean promises to improve and be the best he can be. It's a touching moment and a sign of hope.

Until next week’s teaser, when they're screaming again. Good times.

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