Mary Jo Eustace: Dean McDermott is an Alcoholic Drug Addict!

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Dean McDermott cheating on Tori Spelling may soon be much lower on the couple's list of marital troubles. 

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Dean's ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, accused him of alcoholism, drug addiction and violent fits of anger during their 2005 divorce.

In sworn testimony, Eustace claimed McDermott's anger problem was so bad that on their first date she witnessed him violently beating his dog for knocking over a garbage can. 

Recalling the incident, Eustace claims, "Dean McDermott repeatedly and violently beat the dog with his fists and a rolled-up newspaper."

Probably would've been a deal-breaking moment for most women, but Eustace went on to marry McDermott and have a kid with him. Needless to say he wasn't the greatest dad:

According to Eustace, McDermott once missed a family event attended by her parents and their infant son because he "didn't feel well."

Halfway through the gathering, however, McDermott walked into the room and tossed a bag of cocaine on a table.

He tearfully confessed that he had a cocaine problem and had repeatedly used coke and gotten drunk while alone with his son.

Eustace enrolled McDermott in a treatment program, but he began using again shortly after being released.

When he divorced Eustace, McDermott made a point of assuring her that he was not under the influence of any drugs other than anti-depressants at the time of his decision.

What a guy! Sounds like someone who would fake an affair to boost ratings for his reality show, don't ya think? 

We certainly do:

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