The Bachelor: Is Juan Pablo Galavis Engaged? Or Even Together with Winner?

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Noticeably absent from this season of The Bachelor? Not drama. Oh, there's been plenty of that, including off camera (thank you, Juan Pablo's anti-gay comments).

What there hasn't been is any indication that Juan Pablo Galavis is head over heels about the winner. Lots of talk about the journey, but no such proclamations.

A source connected to The Bachelor tells E! Tuesday.

"He really likes the woman he chooses at the end."

Now there is a strong, emotional statement.

If you've read The Bachelor spoilers - beyond simply to find out who wins - you may know that this isn't the first hint that Juan Pablo does not get engaged.

And then there's this. Asked if he's planning a TV wedding a la Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici or Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, Juan Pablo says:

"That's something you have to think about. Because I like a big, very Latin wedding. I work in the music industry and have a lot of friends so … I don't know."

Doesn't sound like he's even pondered it, in other words.

Also worth noting? Juan Pablo never married his ex Carla Rodriguez, his daughter's mother, and with whom he is still close, despite their relationship of several years.

He also gives mixed signals left and right. One minute he's having sex with Clare Crawley in the ocean, the next he's refusing to kiss girls and sending the wrong message.

What is his endgame? Does he even know the answer?

Maybe we're completely reaching, but he does not sound like someone who's put a ring on it after a few weeks of TV dates. Or possibly ever. Just a theory.

Follow the link to watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic if you need to catch up on this week's episode or previous ones, then tell us what you think below:

Will Juan Pablo propose to Clare? Nikki Ferrell? Andi Dorfman? Renee Oteri? Anyone? Is he in this for love, or just fame? Or are they just not good fits?

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