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The Bachelor saw Juan Pablo take his “aventura” with the remaining ladies to a new level last night, as the hunk got hot and heavy with Clare Crawley.

Naturally, the night ended with one of the season’s frontrunners in tears.

Having previously SHUT DOWN Renee’s attempt to make out, ostensibly because of her son, Juan Pablo had no such reservations about Clare Crawley.

Talk about mixed messages, and there were more of them to come.

After the group date, Clare pulled Juan Pablo out of his room and beckoned him to the ocean, where they heated things up in the Vietnam surf.

Wow. Juan Pablo refuses to kiss some of his ladies, yet can’t seem to stick to his convictions when it comes to Clare Crawley (or Nikki Ferrell).

The question remains, though: Did the two of them have sex?!


The video editors of the February 3 episode led us to believe so, and The Bachelor spoilers suggest that she makes it far this season (how far, we won’t say).

Their conversation on the beach after their sexy sea romp felt like pillow talk, and Clare compared herself to a wobbly baby giraffe in a confessional.

Sure, they could’ve stopped short … but it sure didn’t look like it.

Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 5 Online
Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 5 Online

Also suggesting that they did the deed? Juan Pablo’s regret!

Clearly he was wishing after the fact that he hadn’t done whatever it was they did, as he basically told Clare as much. That didn’t go over well.

Perhaps he remembered he has a daughter who’ll see this?

Or some of the other women got wind of it first, began to resent Juan Pablo and Clare, and spurred him to try to save face with a sudden reversal?

Either way, you can weigh in below, and follow the link to watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic to see the steaminess and mixed messages for yourself.

There’s plenty of each to go around!