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It’s officially that time of year again, Bachelor Nation! No, not for The Bachelor itself, which is still a ways away from its Monday, January 6 premiere.

For The Bachelor spoilers, though? Oh, it’s already game on!

As is the case each fall, the details of the coming season begin to leak early, revealing the results of the TV drama we will watch play out in the new year.

What can we expect from the 2014, 18th season of ABC’s massively edited and scripted "reality" show, starring Bachelorette castoff Juan Pablo Galavis?

Read on to find out The Bachelor spoilers we know so far!

The Bachelor Spoilers 2014

After a journey that began in L.A., then traveled to South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, and back to Miami, Juan Pablo Galavis is down to his final four.

First, let’s look at the 27 women he started off with …

  1. Alexis Morgado: 24, Tampa, FL.
  2. Alli Restko: 26, Chicago, Ill.
  3. Amy Jokinen: Originally from Orlando, Fla.
  4. Amy Long: 27, Clermont, Fla.
  5. Andi Dorfman: 26, Buckhead, Ga.
  6. Ashley Poe: 25 or 26, Denton, Tex.
  7. Cassandra Ferguson: 22, Detroit, Mich.
  8. Chantel Forrest: 27, San Diego, Calif.
  9. Chelsie Webster: 24, Columbus, Oh.
  10. Christine Llano: 24, Miami, Fla.
  11. Clare Crawley: 32, Sacramento, Calif.
  12. Christy Hansen: 24, Chicago, Ill.
  13. Elise Mosca: 27, Forty Fort, Pa.
  14. Kat Hurd: 29, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  15. Danielle Ronco: 25, St. Louis, Mo.
  16. Kelly Travis: 27, Buckhead, Ga.
  17. Kylie Lewis: 23, Rockford, Ill.
  18. Lacy Faddoul: San Diego, Calif.
  19. Lauren Higginson: 27, Edmond, Ok.
  20. Lauren Solomon: 27, Austin, Tex.
  21. Lucy Aragon: Santa Barbara, Calif.
  22. Maggie Gantt: 25, North Augusta, S.C.
  23. Nikki Ferrell: 26, Kansas City, Mo.
  24. Renee Oteri: 32, Sarasota, Fla.
  25. Sharleen Joynt: 29, Canada.
  26. Val Eredia: 26, Sutter, Calif.
  27. Victoria Lima, Florida.

So who are the contenders and who are the pretenders?

Thanks to the great Reality Steve, who really dropped the ball regarding the 2013 Bachelorette finale but still nails most details, we know the answer.

Let’s break down who stays and who goes, by episode:

Episode 1 (January 6):

Roses: Chelsie Webster, Andi Dorfman, Sharleen Joynt, Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley, Kat Hurd, Alli Restko, Kelly Travis, Lauren Solomon, Amy Long, Renee Oteri, Lucy Aragon, Danielle Roncom, Chantel Forrest, Elise Mosca, Cassandra Ferguson, Christy Hansen and Victoria Lima.

Eliminated: Maggie Gantt, Alexis Morgado, Kylie Lewis, Amy Jokinen, Lacy Faddoul, Ashley Poe, Christine Llano, Valerie Eredia, and Lauren Higginson

Episode 2 (January 13):

Eliminated: Chantel Forrest and Amy Long (rose ceremony), Victoria Lima (earlier)

Episode 3 (January 20):

Eliminated: Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen

Episode 4 (January 27):

Eliminated: Lauren Solomon and Elise Mosca

Episode 5 (February 3):

Eliminated: Kelly Travis, Alli Restko, & Danielle Ronco

Episode 6 (February 10):

Eliminated: Kat Hurd (rose ceremony), Cassandra Ferguson (group date)

Episode 7 (February 17):

The six ladies who made it to Miami this season: Sharleen Joynt, Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley, Andi Dorfman, Renee Oteri, and Chelsie Webster.

Those are your final six, the half dozen he’s (sort of) serious about. Two are ousted this week, Sharleen Joynt (by herself) and Chelsie Webster.

Episode 8 (February 24):

That means hometown dates for …

Renee Oteri! A photographer and realtor, she got married in 2004. She’s been divorced for four years now and has an eight-year-old son, Benjamin.

Andi Dorfman! Despite being just 26 years old, the Buckhead, Ga., resident is already an Assistant District Attorney at the Fulton County D.A.’s Office.

Nikki Ferrell! She’s a registered nurse at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and also a part-time model. From pics online, we’d say she’s not shy.

Clare Crawley! She’s a hair stylist at Mecca Salon in Sacramento, Calif., rounding out a top four for Juan Pablo that you might not expect going in.

According to the man with connections to the inside, the hometown dates have come and gone as usual and the final four have become three.

Who got the boot? That would be Renee Oteri.

So that leaves Clare Crawley, Nikki Farrell, and Andi Dorfman as the final three ladies as Juan Pablo heads toward the final rose ceremony of the season.

Episode 9 (March 3):

Juan Pablo Galavis definitely had his overnights with all three girls, but the morning after, Andi Dorfman went and told JP that she was outta here.

So, there’s that. The rose ceremony had no elimination involved him offering Clare and Nikki roses, and they accepted, setting up the EPIC finale.

Episode 10 (March 10):

Expect a lot of filler.

Episode 11 (March 17):

The finale saw Clare and Nikki show up. No one being sent home early or any surprises in that sense. When the dust settles, the final rose recipient is …

Nikki Ferrell!!!

He did not propose, however. No engagement. They’re just "together" … at least for the next 10 minutes. It’s unclear how serious JP is/was about her.

Interestingly, Steve’s sources claim that Juan Pablo was totally just using this season to boost his profile, not to find love or a stepmom or anything.

Also, he reportedly chose the least liked woman in the entire house and the girl that will be cast as this season’s villain, so that should be interesting.

So, there you have it. Will the season play out as outlined above, or will The Bachelor spoilers be proven incorrect? All we can do is stay tuned, THGers.

UPDATE, 1/23/14: So far, so good for the predictions as outlined below … although The Bachelor spoilers couldn’t have predicted JPG’s anti-gay comments.

No major surprises or twists so far in this journey for love. Just a lot of tears, gratuitous shirtless angles and a couple of group date roses for Nikki Ferrell.

A telling sign? Chances are looking very good.

UPDATE, 1/28/14: Two more ladies sent home as predicted above. More group date drama for Nikki Ferrell, who is being built up as the villain for sure.

UPDATE, 2/4/14: See ya Kelly, Alli and Dani.

Still on track for the season to play out just as predicted. The big surprise in the fifth episode was Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley possibly doing it.

UPDATE, 2/18/14: The final four are set. As predicted. Sharleen is outta this Joynt after eliminating herself, while Chelsie got the boot at the rose ceremony.

That brings us to the aforementioned quartet of hopefuls still standing. Scroll through photos of them below and vote in our poll: Who should Juan Pablo Pick?

(Yes, we have a good idea who he does pick … but The Bachelor spoilers have been wrong before … and who should get the final rose in your opinion?)

UPDATE, 2/25/14: As expected, Renee Oteri is out of here. She was just too normal and drama-free to continue on this magical journey, it seems.

That leaves Andi Dorfman, Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell still in the hunt and ready for some Fantasy Suite action tonight … for better or worse.

Will El Bachelor get dumped this evening as expected by Andi?

Based on her hometown date, it’s looking even more likely.

UPDATE, 2/26/14: Wow. Just wow. That was something.

Andi Dorfman didn’t just walk off the show voluntarily, she did so after dumping Juan Pablo HARD, tearing him a new one after the worst overnight date ever.

Things were going well, too, or so it seemed.

Then something went south once the cameras were off. Andi was suddenly so turned off by this guy, it was hard to believe she was even there.

Your next Bachelorette, everybody!

Nikki and Clare subsequently received roses, and moved on to the March 10 finale. Who will win? And will Juan Pablo propose? Stay tuned, THGers …

UPDATE, 3/10/14 … It’s over! Nikki Ferrell won the final rose tonight!

He didn’t propose to her, though. A quick rundown on the finale:

  • He told Nikki that he had a ring in his pocket, but he’s "not gonna use it" because he’s "not 100 percent" sure he wants to marry her, but "I like you a lot."
  • He told Clare something so repulsive that she won’t even repeat it on the program and refuses to even look at him on the After the Final Rose special.

As for whether Juan and Nikki have any sort of future? Stay tuned …