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Farrah Abraham continues to be a total enigma on VH1’s Couples Therapy, and just in life. On last night’s episode, she discussed her infamous sex tape.

Specifically, the fact that she can’t talk about it for legal reasons.

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Or so it appears, since, you know, she can’t talk about whatever it is she signed the "giant f–king contract" and basically gave her life away for.

She seemed miserable, which would make sense and seemed genuine … but this was mere hours after we learned about the new Farrah Abraham sex tape.

Despite the fact that the whole experience filming a "leaked" porn video with James Deen "ruined her life," the SEQUEL is due out NEXT WEEK.

Weirder still? Dr. Jenn Berman pulled off her mic and kicked everyone out of the room for a private off-camera discussion with the troubled reality star.

Irony aside (being on a show called Couples Therapy solo, and being unable to film said therapy on said show) Farrah does clearly need therapy.


It was presumably during this session heard Farrah confess that she’s been drugged and raped more than once since her sex tape debut last year.

Jenn revealed, without going into detail, that Farrah had disclosed horrors that were so awful, they’re among the worst she’s ever heard as a therapist.

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We don’t know what horrors, specifically … which is also weird, given that she spilled her guts at length this week to celeb news magazine In Touch.

Anyway, the therapist and Farrah were both insistent that she’s been through hell and back and that people should give her a break as a result.

The incredibly odd thing, though, is that after this private therapy session, her porn career is about to ramp up again with Farrah 2: Backdoor & More!

It’s almost like she has no idea who she is, what she wants, where she’s going, and why she says anything she says. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen.

Why go on a therapy-themed program if you can’t actually reveal anything? Why is every word out of her mouth a contradiction of the previous thing?

Jenelle Evans, while no model parent herself, has a point regarding Abraham judging others. Clearly she can’t figure herself out to save her life.

These are questions we may never be able to answer, but we do know that whatever she says about it, the second Farrah porn flick is due out Thursday.