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The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis may soon be the subject of a nude photo scandal … and his final rose recipient is reportedly the one to blame!

A Radar source claims this season’s winner of the ABC reality staple is already passing around naked photos of El Bachelor. Galavis’ junk, specifically.

We’re not going to say who’s allegedly texting naked Juan Pablo pics, but if The Bachelor spoilers are correct, you can find out her name right now.

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The reality star is said to be fully nude with an erect penis in a photo seen from a friend of the contestant who claims it was sent by his final rose recipient.

It looks like the man who shot down the idea of a gay Bachelor and called homosexuals “more pervert” is about to eat his words with this effort.

Assuming this is true, anyway.

After weeding through 27 candidates, the alleged naked pic comes as a stunning betrayal from a woman who reportedly won the hunk’s heart.


Of course, there’s also a rumor going around that he doesn’t propose and may not even have gone on the show with any real intention of finding love.

If that’s the case, then perhaps the betrayal of Nikki Farrell, Clare Crawley, Renee Oteri or Andi Dorfman (just some guesses!) is not quite as shocking.

Or maybe it was an innocent “check out who I’m with right now” text sent to a BFF that she didn’t think would make it public, not a deliberate anti-Juan move.

Also wouldn’t be anything new.

Nor are nude pic scandals that unusual in the celeb world overall. From Jenelle Evans to Courtney Robertson and Kim Kardashian to Demi Lovato, it’s old hat.

Time will tell if Juan Pablo’s member makes its way onto the Internets to join that exclusive club. We can only wait and see, and cross our fingers. Hard.