Laney Brown, Taylor Swift Fan, Passes Away From Leukemia After Phone Call From Singer

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Delaney "Laney" Ann Brown, an eight-year-old Taylor Swift fan suffering from Leukemia, passed away days after receiving well wishes from the singer.

Brown listed talking to her favorite singer on her bucket list. As a surprise for her eighth birthday, Swift called Brown on FaceTime to brighten her day.

The young fan passed away on Christmas.

A post on the Team Laney Facebook page described Laney Brown's chat with Swift, who was recently named the most charitable celebrity of 2013:

"Laney got to fulfill another one of bucket list items... to talk to Taylor Swift!!! Laney was so nervous to talk to her because she is such a 'famous celebrity.'"

"I was actually worried when Taylor Facetimed her that she would be to scared to talk but Taylor was fabulous!! She really engaged Laney in conversation."

"Laney lit up and had a huge smile on her face. I can't thank Taylor enough for taking time out from her family to make Laney's birthday very memorable."

"We will hold that memory in our hearts forever."

The young girl gained national attention even before Taylor Swift's call when she added that she wanted to hear Christmas carolers to her bucket list.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, over four thousand carolers showed up in front of her house to sing and put a smile on the dying girl's face.

Brown also reportedly had the opportunities to pet an alligator and babysit an infant, two more items on her list, in the course of the last few months.

May she rest in peace.

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