Maria Kang Releases 2014 "No Excuse Fit Mom Calendar"

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Maria Kang, a.k.a. Hot Facebook Mom, is at it again. This time, she's releasing a 2014 calendar featuring "everyday" mothers and fitness fanatics just like her!

Kang made headlines with her viral "What's Your Excuse?" photo in October, then for criticizing what she believes is undue praise for "regular" women's bodies.

With her new calendar, she's back with reinforcements.

Kang, who was briefly banned from Facebook this fall over her alleged fat (or fit) shaming, is doubling down on her oft-criticized "What's Your Excuse?" mantra.

Her new product is the "No Excuse Fit Mom Calendar."

It features 25 "real, everyday moms who transformed themselves through fitness," says Maria Kang, who graces the cover herself on the bottom left hand side.

Proceeds will go to the fitness-education nonprofit Fitness Without Borders and Maria's No Excuse Mom initiative, which offers 300 group-workout locations for U.S. moms.

She tells Yahoo that she developed the calendar after a Facebook commenter noted, "Watch out Sports Illustrated, the No Excuse Fit Moms are going to take over!"

Kang, a mom of three little children, took the idea to heart, motivating moms to take part in a fall shape-up effort and then pose for the calendar as a reward.

"I thought it would be a great motivator for many of them before the holidays," she says ... not to mention for the obvious New Year's resolutions.

No one faults Kang for being in shape and looking as amazing as she does, but the way she puts herself out there so unabashedly has drawn criticism.

What do you think? Is she empowering or subtly shaming other moms? Does she inspire greater or lower self-esteem? Comment and vote below:

Maria Kang: Fat-shaming women?

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