Rob Kardashian Makes Socks, Doesn't Care About Reality Show

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Paraphrasing the Bobs in Office Space, it's a question many have often wanted to ask Kim Kardashian:

What, exactly, would she say she does for a living? The answer remains unclear.

But brother Rob Kardashian was posed this very same inquiry by The Wall Street Journal and he responded by trying to distance himself from his famous last name.

"Literally, my job is I make socks. That's all I do," Kardashian told the newspaper.

He went on to say he doesn't "necessarily care about [Keeping Up with the Kardashians]" and would prefer to act as a true entrepreneur.

"I would rather film this than [be] around my family," he says.

Indeed, Rob has started a luxury sock line called Arthur George. Notice the lack of his last name in that brand title, a vast departure from Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and their Kardashian Kollection.

"I don't know what their goals are at the end of the day," he said of his sisters and their fashion line. "Obviously, they love fashion and they've always been involved in that world... But I'd like to do my own thing and focus on what I love. If people accept it, they accept it. If they don't, they don't."

But Rob does want to at least make clear that he loves his family and is grateful for the position he's in.

"Thank God I have that opportunity to be with my family and work with my family," he notes. "Not everybody even gets to live with their own family because they have to go to L.A. or New York or wherever to work and find a job and leave their family back home.

"But everyday I get to work with my family - if I want to. And I'm all about family, that's how I was raised. We've all got each other's backs. And thank God, I have the opportunity to do what I love, which is my family and work on a business and try and make it the best that it can be."

The point of all this? Sorry, ladies: But no Rob Kardashian sex tape is hitting the market any time soon.