Billy Ray Cyrus Stands Up for Miley, Sort of Compares Daughter to Johnny Cash

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Unlike Sinead O'Connor, Billy Ray Cyrus is a big believer in everything his daughter is doing these days.

With Miley Cyrus engaged in a heated back-and-forth with O'Connor - calling Sinead out for her history of mental illness after that artist advised Miley to remain clothed - father Billy Ray appeared this week on the new Arsenio Hall show.

And he once again stood up for his 20-year old child.

Billy Ray said Miley is "smart" and has "thought this thing out in advance," in regard to her wild, attention-grabbing antics.

He also remarked the she "grew up around the greats," modeling herself after icons such as Johnny Cash. We can't say we saw that comparison coming.

Did Johnny Cash ever thrust his crotch into an iced tea can? If so, it's slipped our memory.

Following his Q&A with Hall, Cyrus performed two songs with Fred Durst and subsequently Tweeted:

"On the night the U.S. Government shut down… rocked with Fred Durst until 3AM. Guess everything's gonna be all right."

It really is, people. Who cares that you're out of work and/or can't visit a national park today because Congress can't come to an agreement that would allow it to actually function?

Billy Ray Cyrus rocked out with Fred Durst!

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