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A woman who attacked Kate Gosselin hard on Twitter has been exposed, and has issued an apology after an anti-bullying group outed her online.

It’s a new twist in the saga involving James McGibney of Bullyville (dot) com, who vowed to expose people who “crossed the line” attacking Kate.

True to his word, the haters were outed. Now one is profusely apologizing.

Kate Gosselin and One Daughter

A women who uses the handle @chancertheboxer admits that McGibney found and posted her real name (which is not being printed here) on the web.

The woman reached out to celebrity gossip site Radar and asked that they relay the following message: “I am writing to apologize to Kate GOSSELIN.”


In the apology, @chancertheboxer wanted to convey that the “remember Selena” reference she made was not a death threat, as many believed.

She wrote: “happy bday to a GRIFTING, stealing, lying child & animal abusing (censored) (censored). Hope u choke on ur birthday cake. REMEMBER SELENA.”

“I should not have been so vile,” the Kate Gosselin stalker admits.

“It was a little creepy sounding … The Selena reference was brought in because of what happened to her. You know when her number 1 fan gunned her down.”

“I admit I got upset when Kate thought it was a joke.”

“She needs to be a little more careful. I am not a fan, I admit that. And yes I don’t think kids lives should be put across TV for everyone to stare at for their amusement.

“It wasn’t a death threat.”

In reference to telling Kate to choke on her birthday cake, the woman said:  “Pretty much choke is used like bite me.” Okay, well, if you say so stalker.

The lesson in all of this? Go ahead and express your opinions online folks, but let’s tone down some of the language that could legitimately scare people.