Kate Gosselin: Stalked on Twitter By 62-Year-Old Woman!

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Kate Gosselin is in the middle of another nasty battle on Twitter, and this one is weirder than ever. She's allegedly being stalked ... by an older woman.

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A war between pro- and anti-Kate that's raging on Twitter has now gone nuclear as the group @Bullyville named what they claim is Kate’s stalker.

That stalker, they claim, is a 62-year-old woman.

Bullyville posted a screen grab Monday of a tweet apparently sent to Kate containing what appears to be a chilling threat plus profane, abusive language:

The tweet was sent to the 38-year-old on her birthday and read “happy bday o a GRIFTING, stealing, lying child & animal abusing (censored) (censored)."

"Hope u choke on ur birthday cake. REMEMBER SELENA.”

Selena, the singer, was killed by her fan club president. The person named as Kate’s stalker has allegedly sent more than 74,000 anti-Kate tweets.

On Sunday, Bullyville announced that it was taking action against Kate Gosselin haters who it says have crossed a line, vowing to expose the offenders.

The group Tweeted: “We’re launching #opkatehate effective tomorrow. These bullies have collectively pissed off the hive, it’s too late to #expectus.”

The anti-bullying site followed with “we now know where all of @kateplusmy8 bullies work. Employers sure don’t seem to like negative media attention.”

Those tweets took the battle over the mother of eight to a new, even more fierce level, with her detractors turning up the heat on the conversation as well.

One person wrote about Kate Gosselin and Bullyville: “She’s still a documented child abuser... makes no sense they would align themselves with her.”

Kate was accused of child abuse by Robert Hoffman, a pal of Jon Gosselin, who wrote that infamous e-book documenting boorish behavior by Kate.

Hoffman told Radar that he previously called the Department of Children’s Services on Kate and launched a complaint against the reality star.

Kate, who is also battling Twitter impersonators as well as stalkers, can take solace in the fact that her fans continue to have her back, however.

One Kate supporter begged everyone to leave her alone and said: “kate is scared and would like you to stop harassing her. how about you do that? walk away?”

But that logic did not resonate with the haters. Wrote one, “Tell Kate to call the police & complain that she sent ppl to kill me but I’m refusing to die.”

For the record, Kate did not send people to kill anyone. We think.

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