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Kate Gosselin and the website Bullyville recently encouraged the discovery of the real identities of some of the people who threatened her online.

Always a controversial figure, Kate is now at the center of a war between anti-bully activists and harsh critics of the reality star … of which there are many.

James McGibney, head of Bullyville (dot com), exposed the real identities of numerous alleged Kate haters on Monday in a move that raised eyebrows.

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He also threatened to call the employers of the Kate bashers, including the alleged older woman stalker who allegedly sent Kate more than 72,000 tweets.


For her part, Kate Gosselin is encouraging those who seek to protect her, as they reveal identities of others they said crossed the line while attacking her.

Throughout Monday, as McGibney unveiled the “real identities” of various Kate haters, Kate retweeted messages chronicling the unmasking of alleged bullies.

She previously expressed strong support for Bullyville and others who sought to protect her by revealing “bullies,” thanking them for “cleaning house.”

Kate recently Tweeted: “yes I proudly support all LEGAL means to bring bullies – who thought they could hide to light – on the internet or in school. @bullyville #stop”

But McGibney made it clear his actions were his own, and rejected the notion that Kate’s encouragement meant she was ordering an operation against her enemies.

“No one encourages me to do anything,” the Bullyville founder told celebrity news site Radar Online. “I’m a grown man who makes his own decisions. :-)”

“For the record: Bullyville is going after Kate Gosselin’s bullies for specific death threats and over 100,000 slanderous and libelous posts.”

She clearly supports the mission. When Bullyville exposed one person believed to be dangerous to Kate Gosselin, she re-tweeted their message:

“Dear (name redacted), AGE 56, from (town redacted) Texas. Do you really think that your death threat references to @Kateplusmy8 are funny?”

The image above, showing Kate bloody and impaled, was reportedly a catalyst to start the operation to expose people he believes crossed the line.

But are they going too far in targeting alleged “bullies”?

One person “outed” as a Kate Gosselin hater said:

“He and Bullyville put my name, address, phone number, my teenager’s email address on (Web site redacted). For what!? Not liking Kate Gosselin?”

“Now Bullyville is saying they are going to all my employer?”

“I don’t know what he would say that would get me in trouble but I am a single mom living paycheck to paycheck. Bullyville and Kate G are the real bullies here.”

“I never attacked, threatened or harassed anyone, ever.”

What do you think? Are Kate and Bullyville going too far?