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Chris Brown’s bodyguard Patrick “Big Pat” Strickland wants Drake to pay.

Breezy’s protector is suing the rapper – and everyone connected to New York’s W.I.P. nightclub – for the brawl last summer that left him badly injured.

Strickland alleges that on the night of June 13, 2012, when he was working security for Brown, employees at the club had a duty to control Drake & Co.

Drake's Parents

Incidentally, in a separate suit against the club, NBA star Tony Parker claims that the club should never have let that thug Chris Brown in the door.


In Big Pat’s suit, he cites the “highly publicized” beef between Drake and CB and their “acrimonious and ongoing, heated rivalry” for Rihanna’s affections.

According to Strickland’s attorney, the club and its staff should have known better than to allow both stars and their respective entourages inside.

This would clearly “create a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a mass altercation would occur between the two camps, causing bodily injury to patrons.”

As it happened, court documents say the rivals sat in “close proximity to each other” and were “served excessive amounts of intoxicating beverages.”

The lawsuit holds Drake liable for instigating the melee when he supposedly had a server deliver a note to Chris saying “I am f–king the love of your life.”

Drake should have realized, according to documents, that such a missive could “inflame the volatile situation” that developed with the posses nearby.

Consequently, a verbal spat erupted between Brown and Drake’s camps which turned violent with bottle throwing, possible gunshots and mass chaos.

Brown was injured in the fight with Drake, but not severely.

Strickland claims that he suffered “severe and disfiguring” injuries to his face, head and eyes due to the W.i.P. fight and is seeking unspecified damages.

While there is little doubt that the Chris Brown-Drake fight was all about Rihanna, Brown actually denied the story of the infamous note on Twitter.

Might want to check with your boy on that, Big Pat.