Tony Parker on Chris Brown: What a THUG!

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NBA star Tony Parker is calling out Chris Brown for being a thug.

Why? It all dates back to last year's nightclub brawl in NYC.

It's Chris Brown Yo

The volatile R&B star's temper, which made news again this winter after the Chris Brown-Frank Ocean brawl in a parking lot, is not anything new.

Which is Tony's point. Parker is suing W.i.P. nightclub for $20 million, claiming it should never have let Brown in the door that infamous night last June.

If you recall, Brown's posse and Drake's got into an EPIC bar fight, with punches thrown, tables flipped, bottles smashed and glass flying everywhere.

Tony Parker, who was not involved in the fight, says he sustained a scratched cornea just by being there, one that could have ended his NBA career.

As such, he's suing the club, and just filed new documents claiming Brown's fight with Ocean PROVES he's unfit to socialize in places such as this.

He's likely to fly off the handle at any point, particularly when there's alcohol present, according to Tony's lawsuit (which also mentions the Rihanna beating).

Tony believes there's more than enough evidence that W.i.P. messed up by letting Brown in on the violent night in question - and should pay up. Big.

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