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The Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup apparently didn’t take.

The couple are totally back together already, it looks like!

The “Stay” singer posted a cute photo of herself and Breezy ridin’ with the top down in the California sun, with the caption “This s–t look like a toupee,”

That’s a quote from Brown’s hit “Look At Me Now.”

While the ups and downs of Rihanna and Chris Brown can be difficult, even frustrating, for those who try to figure out what’s going on, this much is clear:

  • Chris has spoken often and in detail about their love of late.
  • They look every bit the happy couple in the image above.

Was their recent breakup just a blip on the radar?

Who knows, but they seem to do this a lot, and there was no reported straying by either party, just busy schedules blamed, so a reconciliation isn’t so crazy.

Moreover, Brown was spotted backstage and in the VIP section at her concert in L.A. this week … the one where she supposedly mused on their split.

So much for that. Heck, maybe he even took the famous Rihannaing pic! Wouldn’t be out of the question if they were together on that “epic” night.

Whatever the case, they may not even know if they’re together or not half the time, but there’s clearly a connection there that’s not going away anytime soon.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Will it last?