Rihanna: Cheating on Chris Brown With Dane Cook to Make Breezy Jealous?

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Is Rihanna cheating on Chris Brown with Dane Cook?

That's the allegation of The National Enquirer (we know, must be a pretty slow gossip week), which says she's doing that to make her man jealous.

"Rihanna has found a way to get back at two-timing bad-boy beau Chris Brown," a source tells the publication. "By hooking up with comedian Dane Cook!”

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Rih and Dane “have been pals for years, but their friendship has heated up in recent months since Rihanna wants to show Chris she’s still a hot commodity.”

By hooking up with Dane Cook? Wouldn't this be more believable if she were linked to an actual comedian? OHHH, DANE COOK BURN. We so went there.

The tabloid goes on to allege that Rihanna met the comedian after attending one of his shows at the L.A. Laugh Factory comedy club, quoting a purported “insider.”

“They hang out in Dane’s dressing room and sometimes he goes back to her Pacific Palisades home to party,” said the source, who is awfully specific with L.A. geography.

“They flirt like crazy, and Dane regularly sends Rihanna flowers and gushy emails. Rihanna’s friend think they’re carrying on a romance, but she’s very secretive."

"She wants to keep everyone guessing, including Chris.”

Wait, wasn't the point to make Chris jealous? How can it be that secretive them. We quit, National Enquirer. You've straight up confused us with your gossip.

From all accounts, Chris and Rihanna are together and happy. He's gushed about her numerous times of late, calling her the most beautiful girl in the world.

Love 'em or hate 'em together … they totally are.

Your thoughts on Breezy and RiRi as an item?

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