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Chris Wilcox is apparently not a big fan of the “Kiss Cam.”

After seeing himself on the scoreboard as part of pro sports’ ubiquitous mid-timeout entertainment traditon, the Boston Celtics reserve big man made his displeasure clear.

By flipping off the camera and 18,000 fans watching.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

Wilcox was serenaded by boos and received an earful from an assistant coach moments after the gesture, which occurred inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.


Reactions ranged from laugher to abject horror. He was ultimately fined $25,000 “for making an obscene gesture directed toward fans during a game.”

Sadly, Wilcox’s bird-flipping took place during a stoppage in play, so TV outlets didn’t catch it, and thus far, no grainy iPhone videos of the scoreboard have emerged.

If you have one, post a link below! Other great Kiss Cam moments of 2012: