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Evelyn Lozada has two words for NBA veteran Kenyon Martin following his criticism of her reality show Basketball Wives. Those two words, if you hadn’t guessed:

  1. F–k
  2. Him

K-Mart blasted the VH1 hit recently, saying the show was “toxic” and a “total misrepresentation” of the lives of married NBA players. That didn’t sit well with Ev.

Evelyn Lozada At the Pool

It’s true … there are very few actual wives on the show. Baby Mamas would be more accurate.

Still, the former Mrs. Chad Ochocinco bristled at Martin’s criticism, saying “I don’t think Kenyon knows what he’s talking about. As far as saying it’s toxic, fine.”

Evelyn Lozada adds, “Don’t f**kin’ watch the show then. It’s as simple as that.”

Hard to argue with her there. What fun would that be, though?

Sure, we could all simply ignore Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and all those other classic programs, but it’s more of a love-to-hate situation.

You know, as opposed to just plain hating.