Big Brother Recap: The Infinite Wisdom of Lawon

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After Sunday's nominations of Rachel and Jeff, Kalia put herself in a tight spot. Yes, she stuck to her guns, but long term, she'd become a big target.

What we didn't count on was Lawon being thrown in the mix.

By his own doing, it turned out. We'd been waiting for this lovable crazy man to make a move for weeks, but no one could have seen this coming.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother installment below ...

Lawon on Big Brother

Rachel has an epic pity party after the nominations, and without Brendon there to talk her down, it just gets worse and worse. Plus 9, because as painful as she is, it's entertaining when a human lowers the behavioral bar this much.

Okay, it's getting annoying. Please vote her off this week. Minus 5.

Shelly tries to calm her down, telling her not to chase after Daniele or cry so openly because "you have more class than that." LOLOLOLOL. Plus 16.

Jeff just goes off about how he wants people to step up, pick a side and go to war. Minus 7, because last week he was Mister Non-Confrontational.

Jeff also ignores that he has people (he thinks) lining up to follow himself and Jordan. Yet Kalia joining Daniele is incomprehensible to him? Minus 6.

The veto battle is modeled after Sisyphus, who pushed a rock up a hill only to have it roll back every time. Fitting, considering the potential return of half of Brenchel after tonight. You just can't push them out! Plus 3.

Symbolism aside, it's a boring competition, however. Minus 5.

Only Jeff and Adam have a real shot. Jeff triumphs! Plus 8.

Jeff gets props for boasting that he'd win the veto, then doing so. That's gotta be so demoralizing for Kalia. But Minus 7 for being kind of a sore winner about it, and because this now forces Kalia to use her brain again.

Instead of putting up Jordan, guaranteeing Rachel's exit and that no more than half of the evil duo would be in the house after tonight's twist, Kalia tries to think of a way to fix things with Jorff, which is never happening. Minus 14.

Kalia is seriously dumb enough to trust that Rachel, Jeff and Jordan won't gun for her if she makes this right. Enter ... Lawon! This ought to be good! Plus 5.

Lawon volunteers himself not just as a pawn, but TO BE EVICTED, as he feels whoever goes will return with some special power. And he's serious! Minus 21.

Daniele and Kalia see this as a change to make a deal with The Others. Daniele's not stupid, though. We can only imagine what she really thinks. Plus 6.

Another Minus 4 for Kalia's inability to handle the pressure of HoH.

Shelly keeps playing both sides like it's her job. Ruthless! Minus 9.

Jeff calls Kalia's nomination stupid. Had she put up Jordan, of course, Jeff would've also termed that stupid. Minus 4, because she's doing what he wanted!

Lawon declares in the diary room that wants to act like he's gone crazy. Act?! Plus 19, because whether he's an incredible strategist, an idiot savant or the biggest idiot in Big Brother history no one can call him uninteresting.


Was Lawon's move the dumbest of all time?

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