America's Got Talent Results: No Surprises

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There were eliminations on America's Got Talent last night, but no surprises. Find out below who went home and who will perform again...

Eliminations Part 1 - Powerhouse and Gymkana - If I wanted to watch a good Glee-style singing group... I'd watch Glee. Powerhouse wasn't the best group and there were too many voices muffling the routine. Gymkana, on the other hand, had a strong routine and advanced through.

Nick and Tay Zonday

Musical Guest - Tay Zonday, "Chocolate Rain," pictured - I loved that the song continued to sound so amateur even though he was performing in front of America. I also loved his chair.

Musical Guest - Keenan Cahill – The routine was silly but fun to watch. Nick Cannon faux-sing/rapping was a nice change. Keenan’s jacket looked horrible.

Musical Performance - OK Go ft. Pilobolus, “All Is Not Lost”- The routine was really interesting and had wonderful shapes created with bodies. There is something unflattering about seeing squashed butts and the bottoms of feet on a piece of Plexiglas.

Eliminations Part 2 - Matt Wilhelm, TNC Elite, Aeon - Matt continued to prove that black lights, shadows, or neon are the way to succeed in America's Got Talent. It was foreboding that TNC looked depressed as they walked to the stage; they knew that it was Matt's round to lose. Aeon didn't have the right scenery to make a beautiful routine; they should have gone with more walls and places to jump off of. Matt was easily through.

Musical Performance - Rebecca Black, "My Moment/Friday" - Rebecca still isn't a good singer, but she's gotten better. Maybe it was the arrangement or the fact that her performance lasted like 15 seconds, but it wasn’t bad.

Eliminations Part 3 - Kalani Basketball Freestyle, Brett Daniels, Kevin Colis, Breena Bell - When balls go down, America doesn't normally give second chances so Kalani was out of luck. The magic trick from Brett was too slow for America. The judges did a great job shooting down Breena without killing her dreams. While I hated Kevin's song choice, of the four that he was standing against, he did the best. I still argue that his voice isn't miraculous. Let’s hope he chooses a better song next time.

Musical Performance - Up & Over It, "Hands" - I watched Britain’s Got Talent and I loved Up & Over It this year. I was happy they were given more than 15 seconds than the other YouTube acts. They managed to segue their hand dancing to their Irish dancing better than Britain's Got Talent. If they did this routine instead of “9 to 5,” they would have advanced further.

Final Elimination - West Springfield Dance Team, Gabe Rocks, Beth Ann Robinson - West Springfield Dance Team needs a better name, if they are always dark; they need a name to match. We need a good animal act and Gabe Rocks was strong, but could have been better. Watching both So You Think You Can Dance and this show, Beth Ann Robinson shows future growth potential but I'm not sure if she's ready. The act that was eliminated was Gabe Rocks. When the groups begged for the judge's vote, Beth Ann came off sounding pageant-y, but more confident than the Dance Team's representative.

The judging started with Piers and he continued to demean Gabe Rocks, voting for Beth. Sharon pointed out that Beth was a perfectionist, but she voted for West Springfield. Howie had the last vote and went for Beth Ann Robinson. It didn’t matter, though, since Sharon put West Spring in the wild card.

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