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The Dougherty Gang, a group of troubled 20-something misfits who captivated the nation’s media with a long, alleged crime spree, has been arrested.

It was at about 9:40 a.m. on Wednesday when an 11-minute car chase between the Colorado State Patrol and the three fugitive siblings came to an end.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26 – drove off the road after going over 100 mph.

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Their stolen Subaru Impreza hit a guardrail and then flipped over. Lee Grace tried to escape by shooting at officers and eventually got shot in the leg.

He suffered a minor injury. All three were then apprehended.

“They were extremely dangerous,” said FBI spokesperson Dave Joly.

“They’ve engaged law enforcement multiple times with weapons fire, and we and state patrol took fire. These three are the baddest of the bad.”

Ultimately, the publicity they generated caused their downfall.

Earlier Wednesday, the Pueblo County, Colo., Sheriff’s Dept. received a tip that one of them was in a nearby Wal-Mart, trying to buy ammunition.

Based on an additional tip later in the morning, a deputy located their car at a campground near Colorado City, about two hours south of Denver.

The trio took off once the deputy attempted to stop them, but according to the Denver Post, they were spotted at a gas station shortly thereafter.

That’s where the chase began.

The pursuit came to a halt thanks to “stop sticks,” which are Teflon-coated quills that troopers had set up on the road to puncture the trio’s tires.

After their arrest, officers took the siblings to a nearby health center for evaluation. Thankfully, no police officers were hurt during the chase.

The miscreants’ had begun their crimes, authorities say, in central Florida when they allegedly shot a police officer who tried to pull them over.

Later that day, they allegedly robbed a Georgia bank.

All three had existing criminal records, which included domestic violence, hit and run, marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

What was behind their alleged criminal impulses? Who knows. Barbara Bell, their mother, says she will be “making no comment at this time.”