Big Brother Recap: Score One For Big Jeff!

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Big Jeff, while not actually that big in the literal sense, took control of the Big Brother house last night, and was entertaining as ever as Head of Household.

Following last week's elimination of the zombie (again), only two guys remained out of eight house guests, with no male having won HoH all season long.

Jeff's win changed that, and with his narration of events and laid-back attitude, he almost made us forget about the whole Harry Potter rant. Almost.

THG recaps Sunday's Big Brother episode below ...

Daniele and Jeff on Big Brother

Props to the Big Brother producers for thinking up this HoH contest. Who doesn't like to watch people take spills while filling up vats of detergent? Plus 5.

Daniele can't even pretend her BFF Kalia has any chance. Minus 4, while Rachel, on the flip side, goes overboard with the insincere cheering. Minus 2.

Between Jordan's spinning dunce cap and Adam's earth-shattering fall (that had to hurt!), there was plenty of slapstick to go around this week. Plus 3.

Plus 2 more for keeping his focus despite that "real cutie" next to him.

Rachel misses her "little Brendon." Or not-so-little Brendon. Minus 4.

Eventually, Jeff wins, and we are treated to downright adorable pics and letters from his nieces in the HoH room. Plus 5 for Jeff seeming like a swell guy.

Shelly inexplicably confronts Rachel - in front of Jeff and Jordan - about "making eyes" and "cutting me down." Minus 7 for looking petty and erratic.

Plus 10 for Rachel actually deciding to STFU during this! That may have advanced her game more than anything her "competitor" self has ever done.

Porsche really needs to do something at some point this season. What did Tiger ever see in this Florida VIP Cocktail Waitress (kidding)? Plus 3.

Kalia and Porsche

While Rachel pretending to be happy Jeff won HoH is as convincing as Kim Kardashian pretending her life isn't scripted, at least she recognized that it was smart to try to realign with Jeff if she could. Plus 5 for thinking ahead.

Minus 5, though, because she'll likely be around longer now.

Dani's alliance is named have-nots, but Jeff manages to do it with a smile on his face. Little subtleties. That's how you make it far in Big Brother. Plus 4.

Daniele "confirms" her deal with Jeff. But neither side truly intends to honor it if a major move could benefit them. It's like an unspoken half-pact. Plus 3.

Porsche "talks game" to Jeff for the first time in 49 days, and does not make up for lost time. She wants to participate in competitions, or whatever, but Jeff is into, like, strategy. That's Porsche's game plan right there. Minus 12.

Shelly has never heard of some of the weird foods they have in the Big Brother house. Such as "avocados" and "hummus." Poor Josie. Minus 9.

Jeff makes the smart move and puts up Kalia and Porsche, leaving the option open to back-door Daniele. Much as we like Dani, we also like power shifts that turn the show on its head from just one week ago. Plus 7.

We also like that Jeff, Mr. Holier-Than-Thou at times about his "honest" game play, will have to deal with deal with some repercussions now. Plus 6.


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