The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Going Bankrupt

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Belly up, man up, pay up. The Real Housewives of New Jersey picks up right where it left off and we'll recap it right here in THG's +/- review!

The family feud continues as Ashley's parents try and talk sense into her. Unfortunately, Jacqueline can't hold it together. She's a sobbing mess and won't hear Ashley's apology. Not that it would have meant anything. Ashley admits the only reason she was there is her father pushing her. Minus 5 for the whole thing being such a disaster.

Poooooor Ashley

Daddy tells Ashley she's done nothing but party her ass off and it's time to grow up. Plus 7 for saying it but does it really matter since he's headed back to Texas?

Ashley says her mom plays the victim but Ash is no slouch in that department herself. They both end up whining and crying and yelling at one another and nothing is truly accomplished. Minus 10 for such a waste of everyone's time.

On a lighter note, Kathy decides to have a Goddess party for the ladies to show off her catering skills. I have to admit, Kathy seems to have quite a talent. The food looked fantastic. Plus 8.

And as Rich says, "She's not stealing recipes from her mother or mother-in-law and putting them into a book." An extra Plus 5 for the dig at Teresa. Hey, Teresa hates his wife so I think he's allowed.

The party is light hearted fun and includes a belly dancer. Plus 3. But Teresa doesn't get it. She wants naked male servers instead. I'm afraid it's not that type of party.

Hold Me Back Bro!

I loved Melissa's goddess outfit. She's definitely the goddess with the edge and it fit her style. Plus 6.

Teresa's bad attitude invades the party. She questions Kathy's motives and rehashes the Kim G incident. Minus 5 for not knowing when to let it go.

Teresa keeps smiling. She says she's happy her legal issues are resolved but her husband still owes $260,000. There will be a private sale of their assets instead of a public auction and Teresa will be able to buy back some of their things with her own personal funds. Sounds like she needs to keep writing those books.

My biggest pet peeve is that the lesson Joe and Teresa seem to have learned though all this is that they should have lied in court. Minus 10. Joe admitted to signing someone else's name on a legal document. He claims he was authorized but when is that ever OK?

Back at the party, Caroline and Lauren earn a Plus 7 for taking pictures of the ladies with the belly dancer to be used for blackmail purposes later. Perfect!

Jacqueline is shocked when Viktoria says she's going upstairs to study. Apparently those are words she's never heard from Ashley.

I Just Dog Whispered You

Back home things just continue to spiral out of control. Ashley's angry at the world and calls her mother a bitch. Plus 5 for Lauren's comment that "I would have a freaking black eye if I spoke to my parents that way." No doubt. Caroline doesn't put up with any crap.

In the end, I think Chris is just tired of hearing the bitching. God knows I am. He goes up to Ashley's room and tells her to get out.

So do you think it will stick? Is Ashley out on her little privileged derriere or will Chris and Jacqueline think twice before the door hits her on it?

We'll have to wait until next week to find out. Here's how this week's points shake out:


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