Big Brother Recap: Deja Boo-Key

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Poor Boo-Key. Poor Jordan for having to babysit other Boo-key.

After being successfully back-doored by Daniele, Brendon seemed almost resigned to his fate on Big Brother. Competitor that he is, he's public enemy #1.

The irony is that despite how he loves to get on his soapbox and rave about being a competitor, Brendon is not that good at Big Brother. He's wasted potential.

A better player could have swung Adam and Porsche, which would have put the heat on Jeff and Jordan. But Brendon burns bridges like a madman.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Brendon Villegas Picture

For the second time in three weeks, Brendon is up against it, with a Southern woman as his competition and Daniele as HoH. Doomed, dog. Minus 4.

Try as he did to drum up the votes to stay, it was clear it wasn't happening when Jeff basically told him to pound sand. Plus 6 for Jeff standing up for Jordan.

Plus 2 for Jeff's dramatic Diary Room explanations of simple ideas.

Brenchel really didn't make a compelling argument, nor take rejection with their usual indignation. Brenchel was rather sanguine ... for them. Plus 3.

She did offer this line, though: "When did Jeff and Jordan become such sheep?" Minus 5, because they always were, and may actually win as a result.

Plus 15 for the segment on Shelly's family and her little girl. As if the phone call wasn't enough the previous night, it got dusty in here all over again.

"Shut up, Rachel." Plus 10.

The Big Brother 13 Cast

Minus 9, again, for Brendon calling out floaters. Honestly, winning BB requires some degree of floating and relationship building. What a lunkhead.

Minus another 9 for this guy mentioning is PhD ALL the time. We get it, man, you're smart, handsome and have a BEAUTIFUL fiancee!!! Give it a rest.

Brendon jokingly referred to Daniele as "Judas," but said that on the jury, he will vote for the strongest player. Amazingly, that could be her! Plus 5.

Daniele has smartly been making good with Jeff and Jordan, knowing that they still stand in her way of the title. But will it work? Stay tuned. Wash.

Plus 7, in general, for six women making the final eight this season. It's as much a female-dominated competition as we can recall, and wide open.

The new Head of Household endurance competition involves liquid soap, bubbles, and ping pong balls. Sounds like a kinky night with Rachel. Minus 3.


A NOTE ON BIG BROTHER SPOILERS: We are aware of who wins the HoH, but have not posted it because some people like not to know these things.

If you know who it is, feel free to discuss that in the comments below. But those who do not wish to know should be advised of potential spoilers.

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