Free Lindsay: Lohan Likely to Leave Rehab Early!

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So much for 90 days in jail and 90 more in rehab. Try about 15 per.

Friday, we reported on the very real possibility that a troubled Lindsay Lohan would be released from rehab at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital on the early side.

Now it looks like it's actually going down that way, as early as this week, according to sources close to the situation. She may be a free woman by the weekend!

Lindsay's doctors have not written a final report, but have (apparently) concluded the actress' psychiatric problems are not nearly as severe as first thought.

There were indications Lindsay was bipolar but that proved not to be the case. Additionally, her drug addiction issues are not as severe as initially believed.

Very Mature Girl

The powers that be apparently think Lindsay Lohan is better already.

Lohan's issues with Adderall are well documented, but the doctors reportedly don't think it requires more inpatient care - outpatient care may begin soon.

The new judge in the case must approve any early release, of course, and you can bet that Linds' lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, will request that shortly.

After all, Lindsay's an inspiration in there.

If medical professionals think releasing her is a good idea, the judge will almost certainly go along with it. But would more rehab do her additional good?

We understand she causes a circus for UCLA, but we think she's a troubled individual who can't handle life on her own, and releasing her into the care of enablers like that wretch Dina Lohan will only make things worse. But that's just us.

Tell us what you think: Should L-squared be released so soon?


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