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Dina Lohan needs to shut her yap.

Lindsay Lohan’s enabler and mother simply will not acknowledge her kid’s faults in any capacity. Unconditional love is one thing. Living in denial, babying grown adults and setting a terrible example overall are quite another.

Argumentative diva Dina appeared on the Today show Friday morning and promptly defended the behavior of Lindsay Lohan while placing all the blame on the criminal justice system, specifically the judge who sentenced her to jail.

Basically, in DinaLand, Marsha Revel refused to give Linds a free pass (which she basically got anyway from the correctional facility), therefore she sucks.

“I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007,” said Dina. “She’s changed. She’s grown up considerably.”

This is not true. Lindsay repeatedly violated the very simple terms of her probation, acted like she was beyond reproach, and finally got hers. End of story.

To Dina, Lindsay can do no wrong. This explains a whole lot about the train wreck’s conduct over the past several years. [Photos:]

Asked what accounted for the change, Dina told Matt Lauer, “Age. Living life. Knowing life. Growing up.” Right. Whatever that means. Very convincing, Dina.

Accusing Revel of “going overboard” and “playing hardball” by ordering Lindsay to jail for 90 days (she served 13) and to rehab, Dina claims the judge recused herself from the case this week because she was about to be fired.

Lindsay “was [thrown in jail] for missing a couple of classes and was working at the time,” Dina Lohan says, apparently confusing “clubbing” with “working.”

Pressed about coverage of her daughter’s problems, Dina said it’s “propaganda,” and “pre-orchestrated. You’re reading things that are not based on fact.”

Whining about attention she craves, she adds: “Her life is magnified. She is under a microscope … Lindsay doesn’t realize a lot of people are watching her.”

For now, in rehab, “She’s great,” said Dina. “She’s been through a lot.”

What do you think? Lindsay Lohan belongs in