Lindsay Lohan to Leave Rehab Early Too?

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She already got special treatment in jail. Now Lindsay Lohan could get an early release from UCLA Medical Center as well, if the new judge in her case grants it.

Judge Marsha Revel, who recused herself from the case this week, ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days in lockdown at UCLA for psychiatric and drug treatment.

Off to Face the Music

However, the inpatient program she's in typically lasts 45 days.

When the program ends, new judge Elden Fox could release Lindsay from UCLA and place her in outpatient care. The question is whether that's likely to happen.

It's "not uncommon" for a patient to repeat a program, according to TMZ, meaning that after 45 days, Lindsay could be given the same treatment another time.

Lindsay could be back doing weird fashion shoots before you know it.

The treatment is not necessarily redundant because patients often absorb a lot more the second time, having already been through the more difficult first 45.

It's also possible, if not likely that UCLA would customize Lohan's treatment for the second 45-day stretch based on her unresolved drug and mental issues.

Doctors have not decided how long this phase of Lindsay's treatment should last, and Judge Fox would almost certainly follow doctors' recommendations.

Lindsay has been at UCLA for 11 days after getting sprung from jail after less than two weeks. That was supposed to be a 90-day stint as well, if you recall.

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