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Troubled star Lindsay Lohan is reportedly becoming a mentor to some of the younger girls she’s in rehab with. Is this the definition of irony or what?

The female patients at the UCLA Medical Center have really struck a chord with Lohan, who is “passionate” about mentoring them however she can.

Sources within the facility where she’s being treated say Lindsay has taken a genuine liking to the girls, writing inspirational notes and giving advice.

Whether they should take it is another story.

Lindsay and Bader Image

REHAB COUNSELOR: Lindsay Lohan is playing the role.

As for life in rehab, 1 source close to Linds describes it as “full-on Girl, Interrupted” and according to TMZ, there is no special treatment for Lohan this time around – if anything, nurses are being harder on her to prove otherwise.

For instance, the 24-year-old doesn’t have a window in her room and she can’t even change the channels on her TV herself because it’s behind glass.

We can hear Dina Lohan whining already.