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In the Least Shocking News of the Year department, Steven Slater has reportedly been offered a reality show.

Multiple sources inside the industry confirm that Stone Entertainment  – the production company behind such gems as The Mole and The Man Show –  has approached the world’s most famous flight attendant to host a program that focuses on workers quitting their jobs in extreme ways.

In a world in which Mario Lopez gets a reality show simply because he knocked up his girlfriend, does this come as a surprise to anyone?

What would you title a Steven Slater reality show?

Of course, the deal is contingent on most of Slater’s story actually being true. Over the last few days, various passengers aboard his JetBlue flight say Slater instigated the ugly incident between himself and a woman that led to his abrupt, slide-based resignation.

Donald Trump has since called Slater “a wacko,” while video of the hilarious escape has surfaced. Watch it NOW!

Regardless of the validity of his tale, we hope a Slater reality series comes to fruition. Just imagine the possible titles:

  • Protect Runway
  • Once in a Blue Moon
  • The Biggest Losers
  • Beer Slide for the Queer Guy
  • So You Think You Can Get Up From Your Seat Before the Plane Comes to a Complete Stop
  • American Idles… on the Tarmac While the FAA Inspects JetBlue Plane