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Whether it’s from a Los Angeles courtroom or the psych ward of UCLA Medical Center, the bizarre Britney Spears news just keeps on coming.

Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears, submitted a court declaration in support of the conservatorship set up on her behalf, stating that they didn’t tell Britney about it given her “emotional and psychological condition.”

And because of Britney’s relationship with Sam Lutfi.

“I believe Britney is not capable of keeping information from Mr. Lutfi,” Jamie told the court. “In particular, I believe if she knew I was planning to seek a conservatorship, she would tell Mr. Lufti about it.”

When Britney was admitted to the UCLA psych ward after a recent meltdown, a co-conservatorship was established to allow Jamie Spears and his attorney control over her estate and finances, as well as medical decisions.

Sam Lutfi, who had been calling the shots prior to this, was hit with a restraining order, which he has reportedly dodged being formally served with.

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, and her confidant, Sam Lutfi, continue to duke it out in court – and in the celebrity gossip tabloids.

Yesterday, it was learned that Lynne Spears, Jamie’s ex-wife and Brit’s mom, made stunning charges against Lutfi in a court declaration seeking a restraining order.

But back to Jamie Spears’ declaration for one more point – he made reference to a reported theft at Britney Spears’ estate, and says she thinks Sam’s in on it.

“Britney told me that there was some property of hers that Sam Lutfi had wrongfully taken,” Jamie said of the alleged theft.

“She asked me to help get it back. I told her that I would.”

A police report was later filed. The LAPD has not commented.