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Really? These were the Amy Polumbo pictures someone tried to blackmail Miss New Jersey with? This is what all the celebrity gossip buzz was over?

Shemar Moore has done worse just walking on a beach.

On the Today show, Polumbo sat down with Matt Lauer and calmly explained the motivation behind each of the tame photos below. While the beauty queen is drinking alcohol in some of the pictures, she says she was over 21 at the time they were taken.

Yawn. Where are the Katie Rees nude-like pics when you need them?

Even the one photo that would seem a bit racy is harmless enough; that’s the boyfriend of Amy Polumbo biting her breast. Nevertheless, Amy felt the need to defend herself:

“It’s not in a lady-like manner… But I am not a robot [like Katie Holmes]. I am human being.” Of the blackmail incident, she added: “I feel sick to my stomach.”

Don’t worry about it. Like Vanessa Minnillo nude in front of her man, Nick Lachey, none of this is a big deal.