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Tara Conner has a lot to learn.

If the current Miss USA was trying to get stripped of her crown, allegations of cocaine abuse and possible girl-on-girl action with Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, isn’t nearly enough.

Tara should’ve just followed the lead of Miss Nevada, Katie Rees. That is, make sure pictures of yourself getting down and dirty with guys and girls sprout up around the Net.

More than any other celebrity photos The Hollywood Gossip has ever posted, these speak for themselves. We have to thank for uncovering them. And Rees to thank for being a complete skank.

The now former Miss Nevada is in red. The photos were taken when she was 17.

In a statement, Paula M. Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization, said:

“Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007. First Runner-up Helen Salas will assume the title and compete at the 2007 Miss USA Pageant on March 23 in Los Angeles.”