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Here you go, ladies.

The Hollywood Gossip staff is aware that most of our naked photos cater to men. Not too many women out there are anxious to see Jessica Alba nude, are they?

Heck, even when we post alluring pics of David Beckham, we can’t help but include shots of Victoria Beckham, too. Sorry about that.

But Shemar Moore has heard your cries of sexism, gals! And the former soap opera star is here to help. As first reported by that idiot, Perez Hilton, the actor pranced around in the buff recently.

Shemar Moore nude pics are making the rounds on celebrity gossip sites everywhere. And it’s easy to see why.

Oddly enough, the sexy act took place on a gay beach. But we aren’t judging anyone. If Moore is trying to impress Pedro Andrade as much as anyone else, so be it.

We just hope this image satisfies our female readers. It’s gotta be more pleasing that Sean Stewart nude on a beach, right? And maybe even on par with Nick Lachey nude?

Good. Soak it in.