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If you thought Alex Rodriguez had cornered the market on handsome athletes who love to sleep around… you’re a moron. He’s far from the only “player” out there.

It turns out tennis star Mark Philippoussis, the focal point of the new NBC reality show Age of Love, used to be quite well known for his game… outside the painted lines.

Which is nice, because on the tennis court, the guy had a huge ass serve and little else. It’s good to see he could at least parlay that huge serve into some ass.

Carter Reum, Wife
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Mark P., affectionately known to some media in Australia (his native country) as simply The Poo, TMZ reports, had a dalliance a few years back with… wait for it…

Paris Hilton.

We would love to know how many hundred men have seen Paris Hilton’s pussy. The girl is 26. She’s seriously gotta doing one a week – and that’s just the amount we know of.

What makes the case of Mark Philippoussis more interested than most is that he reportedly tapped that tainted tail while still in a relationship – one of several years – with Australian pop star Delta Goodrem, who was suffering from cancer at the time.

Paris Hilton reportedly showed pictures of Mark Philippoussis to the media, telling them she was “head over heels” for the big-serving underachiever.

For the record, Mark Philippoussis doesn’t know what all the racket is about (boo) and has denied hooking up with Paris Hilton multiple occasions.

Before that, though, Mark P. was reported to be trading more than tennis tips with another hot-looking-but-not-great player, Anna Kournikova.

The Poo’s coach, Pat Cash (no relation to Cash Warren) wrote in his autobiography that he had to beg his pupil not to go out with Anna Kournikova on the eve of a big match.

We’re not sure what the big deal is – Enrique Iglesias seems to do fine bedding her prior to concerts – but Mark clearly had other things on his mind during his time on tour.

Philippoussis has also been linked to Tara Reid and several other Aussie models, which should raise the following question in the minds of all those cougars and kittens all smitten with Mark on Age of Lovewho the heck wants to play with used balls?

They change them, like, every nine games on the pro tour. Think about it.