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Jill Nicolini is the traffic reporter for The CW11 morning news in New York.

But it looks as though she may have also served as an inspiration for the recent Amanda Beard nude pictorial in Playboy.

Jill Nicolini nude pics? They aren’t hard to come by if you’re a Playboy subscriber. 

The steamy past of this beautiful newswoman was uncovered by TMZ, which is reporting that Nicolini posed naked for Playboy in 2001. She was part of the “College Girls Special Edition,” going by the seductive name of Jill Nikki.

Reportedly, though, this isn’t the first time Nicolini’s naked past has come back to haunt her (and arouse us).

The reporter was Katie Rees before Katie Rees was Katie Rees: back in 2002, Jill was named Miss Long Island and was on her way to compete in the Miss New York pageant… until those saucy snaps were revealed and she had to give up her crown.

Tara Conner can obviously relate, but Nicolini didn’t have the backing of someone as powerful as Donald Trump to keep her in the spotlight. Hence, the relegation to morning news for a rarely watched network. If this former Playmate wants to rise above reporting on fender benders, she needs to follow our advice:

Team up with Antonella Barba nude for a calendar.