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Her friend, that dirty slut Paris Hilton, sits in jail.

Now the skinny Nicole Richie is inching closer to learning her own fate.

The Simple Life star, who was arrested for DUI in December, was ordered today by a Los Angeles Superior Court to stand trial on July 11.

Nicole Richie, 25, could face up to a year behind bars. Which would suck.

For her. Not for this celebrity gossip site. We would laugh pretty damn hard.

Of course, that could all change if Nicole Richie is pregnant. Or so she thinks. Maybe. Too bad Tom Sizemore can’t work that angle… cry as he may.

Los Angeles District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison tells Us Weekly that Richie’s trial is forthcoming and that the dilly-dallying is over.

“Commissioner Steven Lubell did not want any more delays. The trial is now set for July 11. It must happen within 10 days of that date or Richie must enter a plea,” she said.

Shawn Chapman Holley, the lawyer for Nicole Richie, who has requested that the trial be postponed five times, downplayed today’s court order.

“Judges are under orders to get things moving,” he said.

“Nothing extraordinary happened today at all. The case had been set for trial on the 25th and I’m going on vacation on the 28th. He said no further continuances without good cause. He vacated the trial and set a new date.”

When asked if the anorexic waif, who’s scared of jail, is considering any kind of plea agreement in lieu of trial, Holley added: “Just because it is set for trial that does not mean we are going to trial. We are still discussing things and looking at the case.”