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Looks like the struggling Britney Spears has an unlikely fan – Shar Jackson.

For those of you living under rocks or new to the world of celebrity gossip, that’s Kevin Federline’s first baby mama.

Our friends at TMZ spotted the former UPN “actress” and spurned ex of K-Fed shopping at Sugar on La Brea yesterday, where she told our cameras that Britney Spears‘ current “comeback” tour of 11-minute shows is “long overdue.”

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

Of course, Shar Jackson made a mini-career out of covering Britney’s songs, so it may just be she needs some new material.

While trying on a new cleavage-enhancing dress (ooooga), Jackson also gave her uninformed take on Paris Hilton’s summer prison plans, saying how she doesn’t “know all the details … but I think she’s a nice girl.”

Apparently she hasn’t seen the nude Paris Hilton statue. She might change her tune if she laid eyes on that horrific piece of crap art.

But it’s always good to see Shar Jackson out and about. We’re hoping this is followed by a Jason Alexander sighting in the near future.