Reader: K-Fed Vegas Excursion Not Wild as it Seemed

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The Hollywood Gossip, along with numerous other celebrity gossip sites, talked earlier this week about Kevin Federline's most recent partying excursion in Las Vegas.

Well, much as we would like to believe that FedEx is a man gone wild - and he might be - a reader makes an interesting point about how we can misinterpret pictures.

K-Fed, V-Prince Smokin'

Agatha writes to The Hollywood Gossip via email:

"Sorry to disappoint all you gossipers out there, but there's really nothing to see here. I'm the lady on the far left in this photo and I can assure you that there was nothing more going on at K-Fed's cabana than any other one at the pool that day.

None of us knew him, and he never hit on any of us. We were invited by the cocktail waitress to join his party for a drink, as we were out promoting for another club in Vegas. He, along with everyone else in his crew, was polite and respectful, and he even talked about his kids.

We had our drinks and were then on our way, but not before the lady in the middle of this photo asked for a pic with K-Fed. He was polite and obliged, so we all said cheese, thinking it was for her own personal souvenier [sic].

I find it innappropriate and distasteful that this girl decided to exploit this situation and sell the photo to rag mags who make up lies for profit.

It's really unfortunate that those of us out doing our jobs and promoting get slammed in the crossfire. I don't have any opinion about [Kevin Federline] one way or the other, nor do I really know anything about him, other than that he was polite to us, and on vacation for the weekend... wow, what a sin!"

Well said, Agatha. Although we feel we did not portray Kevin Federline and his crew unfairly in our original post, we apologize if the story of his Vegas sojourn was distorted in any way.

Thanks for writing in. We encourage more readers to do the same if they've got the real scoop involving celebs. In the meantime, we'll focus on some real news - like The Apprentice star Kristine Lefebvre promoting cervical cancer awareness and Miss USA Lauren Nelson leading the fight against sexual predators.

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