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In the new issue of W, Naomi Campbell puts her throwing arm to productive use, penning a diary about her foray into court-ordered manual labor.

As Campbell’s prose dispatches reveal, the 36-year-old model is full of surprises: she drinks regular Coke, prays every morning and night, and does not own a diamond-encrusted phone (bet you Paris Hilton does).

On making friends:
“As we are working, one of my co-workers tells me how he ended up here. It was basically because of alcohol. I bond with him, and I tell him I’m in recovery. I started doing drugs when I was 23, as a recreational thing. I had no idea of the effect it would have on me.”

Naomi Campbell Snapshot
Photo via Getty Images for TNT

THG NOTE: That’s what Pete Doherty said. It all starts so innocently.

On manual labor:
“I head to my locker and change into my work clothes and am told, along with two other people, to sweep the garage. We start mopping so intently and get a rhythm going. I have to tell you, I find solace in sweeping. I have no other responsibilities. I have no phone. I have time to think. I just have, you know, peace.”

On self-reflection:
“I never really looked into myself, deep below the surface. I was just caught up in my job and flying around the world and wanting to be fabulous. But there comes a point when it all catches up with you. And that caused me to reassess myself and get real treatment for my anger and my addictions. Some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but I’ve finally come to realize that, for me, it’s all or nothing – and it has to be nothing.”

THG NOTE: Britney Spears, we hope you are listening. 

On the designer clothes she wore to work every day:
“It’s getting crazy. I’m getting all calls from designers and stylists asking me to wear their clothes. Apparently, people on the Internet are rating my outfits. With everything happening in the world — in Iraq, in Africa — this is what they focus on?”

On her coworkers:
“Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what it’s like, and I’m embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone… They tell me some of the things they’ve read about me, like that I have a diamond-encrusted BlackBerry. I laugh. I’ve never had a diamond-encrusted phone! I’ll leave that to Paris [Hilton]. It’s not my style.”

On her employees:
“I don’t really have many yes-people in my life anymore. I’ve gotten away from them — all the agents, assistants, people who would never tell me the truth and watch me destroy myself. But of course many of those people maybe didn’t want to work with me anymore, either, which I totally understand.”

On being independent:
“Most people can rely on their family, but I tried to deal with everything on my own. I’m a very strong person. I never had problems with men, because if they bothered me, I’d tell them to f*%k off.”

THG NOTE: It’s a lesson Lauren Conrad is finally learning.