Stop the Presses: Pete Doherty Arrested For Drugs

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Right now, Jason Wahler is behind bars.

Paris Hilton will soon join him (see countdown).

Is Pete Doherty angling to for jail time himself?

It would seem that way. The hard-ass druggie and boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss was arrested on Saturday night on suspicion of possessing "Class A" banned drugs, The Sun reports.

Though a police spokesman declined to confirm whether the uglier, more f*%ked up half of PeteMoss specifically was arrested, but he said:

"At 2200 hours (2100 GMT) on the 5th (of May), police stopped a vehicle on Kensington High Street."

"A 28-year-old male driver was arrested on suspicion of possession of a class A drug. He was taken to a west London police station, and later bailed to return in June pending further inquiries."

According to The Sun, Doherty was held in the police station overnight.

Only 17 days ago, Pete Doherty was back in court for a routine review of his rehab progress and told how pals had given him the ultimatum:

"It's the drugs or us."

Pete, in a rare moment of clarity, also hinted at relationship problems with Kate, "The people closest to me have had enough."

Apparently, he just can't get enough of the smack, though.

Kate would probably love to load Pete into a cannon and shoot him into the ocean at this point. Of course, she'd would never do that, because then a nude Kate Moss would have to swim out and drag his worthless ass back to shore.

You know how it goes.