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NaomiCampbell says she very much regrets losing her temper and hitting her maid with her cell phone over a pair of missing jeans last year.

Really, we might as well stop there. That pretty much sums it up.

“I felt very remorseful for having thrown the phone at someone that didn’t deserve it,” the 35-year-old supermodel told Extra. “I have a deep sense of shame for the things I’ve done.”

Naomi Campbell Snapshot
(Getty Images for TNT)

THG NOTE: We hope that somewhere, Howard K. Stern is listening.

So what made Naomi snap and do chuck that cellular device? Tiredness, lack of sleep (and) “just so many things,” she says.

“I was being really destructive to myself. … I didn’t know how to reach out. It was a really scary time,” said Campbell of the incident in which she channelled her inner Russell Crowe.

Campbell, who has a reputation for angry outbursts, pled guilty to assault last month for hitting Ana Scolavino in the back of the head with the phone in March 2006. Scolavino was treated for a head injury.

“I threw a cell phone in the apartment. The cell phone hit Ana,” Campbell said at her court appearance. “This was an accident because I did not intend to hit her.”

In a way, it’s similar to those Antonella Barba photos. While the American Idol contestant was all about giving an unnamed man oral pleasure with a digital camera shoved in her face, she didn’t intend for them to be posted online.

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. Moving on. In exchange for a guilty plea, Campbell was ordered to pay Scolavino’s medical expenses of $363, do five days of community service and attend a two-day anger-management program.

“I do therapy every day,” Campbell tells Extra, adding that she doesn’t beat herself up (literally or otherwise) over what happened.

She’s also partaking in the healing powers of crystals: “I think they bring great energy. … You should see how many I travel with.”

That’s nice. Janice Dickinson has some good things to say about the kama sutra, too, if her fellow insane supermodel is interested.