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Naomi Campbell likes to beat people.

Too bad she couldn’t beat the legal system.

Well, not entirely. Her recent sentence – community service, in which she must mop the floors of New York’s Sanitation Department, starting March 19 – is pretty light when you consider she assaults people.

Naomi Campbell Snapshot
Photo via Getty Images for TNT

The supermodel, who received the punishment after being found guilty of throwing a phone at her maid, will complete five days of court-ordered community service at the Manhattan garage for trash-trucks.

Campbell will wear an orange vest and workman’s boots.

During the court case, lawyers for the British model told the judge that she would not agree to “do a Boy George.”

We’re not entirely sure what she means.

But the ex-Culture Club singer was once ordered to sweep the streets of New York wearing a bright orange jacket, after being found guilty of lying to police about a burglary.

Soon they might be calling this “doing a Nicole Richie.”

Campbell will be allowed to stay inside the garage out of the public view, so as to avoid widespread ridicule. The 36-year-old, seen here with actor and friend Terrence Howard, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour assault in January.

After being arrested for hurling a crystal-encrusted phone at Ana Scolavino last March, Naomi Campbell apologized and said she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Scolavino needed four stitches to the head.

Someone’s gotta get Pete Doherty into one of those jumpsuits. He and Naomi can pass the time mopping like mad, shooting up on breaks and talking about the latest developments in the Anna Nicole Smith drama.