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America Ferrera is not engaged to Ryan Piers Williams. Got that? The lovely Ugly Betty actress is upset with recent tabloid reports about this and wants to make it clear.

Similarly, Naomi Campbell is looking to shoot down rumors that she cleaned toilets or was romantically involved with a fellow sanitation worker during her five-day community service stint in Manhattan.

The 36-year-old supermodel was sentenced to five days’ hard work in January for chucking a phone at her maid last year.

Naomi Campbell Snapshot

“I swept and I cleaned walls and tables and offices. I tidied up,” Naomi Campbell said.

As for rumors about her and a guy, who tabloids nicknamed the “Sanitation Stud,” Campbell says it’s all a load of, um, community service garbage.

“He’s become a friend of mine – he and his wife. I felt terrible when they exposed him in the papers after I left. I thought that was really uncalled for. He was just simply being a really sweet person,” she says.

Not so sweet that she’s eager to return to that line of work again. After running afoul of the law, Campbell says she’s learned her lesson and will calm down a bit.

THG NOTE: You listening, Joe Francis?

“I’m in an honest place with myself,” she says.

“I’ve had to look at the people I have around me and I need honesty in my life today – people that tell me the truth, not people who say yes. And I don’t have any yes people left in my life.”

We guess she threw all of those people out with the… um, trash. Much like we’re hoping Britney Spears does with all her loser friends.