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Apparently, it doesn’t matter where Brandon Davis goes. It’s always the same story.

What we’re trying to say is that no one likes him.

The gossip hounds at the New York Daily News report that the club-hopping, annoying oil heir was at the hot Manhattan club The Box over the weekend.

That’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not like he has a job.

We were also not surprised to learn that the former beau of Mischa Barton – and the man who made Lindsay Lohan synonymous with Firecrotch – soon began heckling and insulting the DJ.

The reason for his outburst wasn’t specified – but is there ever any reason with the man we’ve come to know and love (or just know) as Greasy Bear?

The DJ decided he wasn’t having any of this crap, shining a spotlight on Paris Hilton‘s sweaty hanger-on and “ripping on him for like 10 minutes.”

The most delightful thing about the encounter was that the DJ reportedly didn’t even know who Greasy Bear was. But we’re sure other spinsters who do know Davis (like, say, DJ AM) would tear him a new one as well.