Get Lost, Greasy Bear: Paris Hilton Banishes BFF

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Brandon Davis - the oil heir and L.A. nightclub regular who brought the word "Firecrotch" into the vernacular (at least as it applies to Lindsay Lohan) - did what he does best again over the weekend.

Making a total ass of himself.

At the 26th birthday party of his BFF, Paris Hilton, Saturday night, the gent we have come to affectionately know as Greasy Bear showed some of the lodging heiress' guests home early in disgust - which left poor Paris in tears.

Carter Reum, Wife

Davis' boorish behavior at the lavish 26th-birthday bash began around 10, when he started throwing flowers at Paula Abdul, who was supposed to sing "Happy Birthday" to Paris.

Then, it was the flower-holders he was chucking.

Finally, after asking Paula to "lick my [bleep]," he mocked her by talking in a fake-Arabic accent. The American Idol judge bolted early, even before crooning.

Then, Brandon decided to ingratiate himself to Courtney Love by grabbing her, making her straddle his waist, and summing up his feelings for her succinctly:

"I want to squirt on you."

Never mind the fact that Courtney's young daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was right there. Good work, Greasy. Davis is about as classy as Antonella Barba.

After all this, as well as some broken glasses and candles, Paris broke down and kicked Greasy Bear out. Is this the end of their friendship? Does anyone give a rat's ass about Brandon Davis? Stay tuned.

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