Greasy Brandon Davis Roasting in Hawaii

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In need of a breather from his hectic life - which consists of contributing nothing to society and clubbing every night - Brandon Davis decided to take a vacation to Maui.

Hey, sometimes you need some R&R. His nickname may be Greasy Bear, but the perpetual party pal of Paris Hilton looked more like a greasy pig (or a beached whale).

See below. WARNING: These images may offend or sicken you.


The chain-smoking oil heir was seen marooned chilling out in front of the Four Seasons, where he was having a coughing fit. The Pacific Coast News was lucky enough to catch him in the act. Sly Stallone would be rolling in his grave if he could see this.

Don't worry, though: Once he stopped hacking up a lung, Davis continued puffing on his Marlboro Light. Good times. The only thing that could have made this vacation better were if Lindsay Lohan, whom he infamously dubbed "Firecrotch," were lathering him up with suntan lotion. Or if Brandon managed to set his slick hair on fire with a cigarette.

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